Nature'sGraces2aNature’s Graces in progress…

Musing the Goddess, June 20 at the Cornell Winery in Agoura 
7:30 Lecture – 8:30 Book Signing – 9:30 Drum Circle

I am painting day and night to finish up my new pieces for this show that celebrates the Divine Feminine. Here are some pics showing a few of the works in progress. You must to go to the show to see them finished.


painting2b I am the Sun, (almost finished) 3’x4′ acrylic, oil, varnish, gold leaf, silver leaf, on canvas/gator board, ready to hang. This art represents the shift from a patriarchal, male dominated world view to a more feminine and holistic one. The sun is generally associated with masculine attributes, but with the Goddess rising in the world’s consciousness, the female population is embodying this powerful symbol of light, life and energy in their minds, bodies, and spirit.

I am the Sun




“Nature’s Graces” (almost finished) will also be in the show, 38″x43″ mixed media, acrylic, oil, gold leaf, varnish, on vinyl/wood, ready to hang. This art reflects the three graces of antiquity connected to nature. Charm, beauty, creativity dancing together upheld and nurtured by a common spirit. Timeless elegance with a nod to Raphael.

Nature’s Graces

“Mystic Current” 4’x6′ mixed media, acrylic, oil, coffee, plexiglass, varnish, on canvas, wood, ready to hang. The varnishes and plexiglass create a luminescent transparency to this art. Descending upon the earth as an alchemical mix of fire, wind and water, this Goddess energy brings the hope of renewal. She has a powerful presence.

“Mystic Current” 



June 03, 2015 by Spalenka

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