painting2b I am the Sun, (SOLD) 3’x4′ acrylic, oil, varnish, gold & silver leaf, canvas/board.

Musing the Goddess – The Art of Greg Spalenka

June 20 through July 31

Join us for a Summer Solstice Art Opening at the Cornell Winery. The festivities will include a multi-media lecture on Spalenka’s art career in publishing and film, a book signing of the newly published, “The Art of Greg Spalenka, Visions from the Mind’s Eye” (Titan Books/London), a Drum Circle (bring your drums!), and other special treats.

The walls will be filled with new mixed media creations and some classics that celebrate the Goddess in all her mysterious and divine glory. Some of these are large pieces (up to 6 feet tall) with gold and silver leaf.


“Nature’s Graces” (in progress), 38″x43″ mixed media, acrylic, oil, varnish, on vinyl.


“Nature’s Graces” finished and hung. Hand made frame.

Mysticcurrent5smaller“Mystic Current” (in progress) 4’x6′ mixed media, acrylic, oil, coffee, plexiglass, varnish, on canvas, wood.

frame1Hand made frame on “Mystic Current.”


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