Sketch for the album cover.

What is “Memory of a Cosmic Heart?”

MCH represents a ten year effort to expand the definition of New Age music with an album that harkens back to the roots of the original movement and expanding its potential. Myself, Rob Jacobs and a team of incredibly gifted song writers, musicians, and opera class vocalists have created a classical, operatic, electronic musical fusion that is designed to calm the mind and open peace in your heart, without sounding like elevator music. It also gets you dancing too.⠀

heart2Sketch for the album cover.

The music is close to being finished and the grand plan for this multi-media project. I am launching a crowd funding campaign on Earth Day, April 22. This is an auspicious day as  the story of the music reflects themes of interstellar and planetary influence.

Sketch for the album cover.

There will be an illustrated book to accompany the music which will be in Vinyl, CD and digital download formats. Stay tuned for more details.


Sketch for the album cover.



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