The Art of Greg Spalenka is printed and it is stunning. You can order two versions of the book here with graphite drawings and extras.  

This book highlights 32 years of my art career. In it I will be sharing my history as a multi-disciplinary image maker with commentary on my techniques, experiences, philosophy and the art of following your muse. 

It includes many of my most iconic images for America’s major publishers of books, magazines, newspapers, comics, (Time, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, DC Comics). You will see a cross section of concept designs for films such as, The Golden Compass, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and others as well as personal pieces and photography.

View the art of my early Art Center days featuring the “crystal clear” technique, through the social/political commentary of the 80’s, the fantastical imagery of the 90’s, into the film and photography of the 2000’s.

Published by Titan Books in London, this hard bound, 9.5″ x 12″ 176 page full color book is also printed with metallic inks. There is also a beautiful limited edition version. I worked with graphic designer Jeff Burne and am very proud of the result. Many thanks to everyone at Titan.

Shipping and handling are included in the prices below for all US residents. *International orders will include extra shipping costs. 

I. Standard Edition with Drawing


Signed standard edition includes a drawing in front of book.
Request a feminine or masculine theme.




II. Limited Edition with Drawing 


This Deluxe Limited Edition includes its own unique cover, one signed print of Impromptu, a signed and numbered signature plate, Desert Mistress on parchment paper that is tipped into the book, and an elegant slipcase. A drawing completes this tour de force- Request a feminine or masculine theme.




parchment-PrintsmallDesert Mistress


Below are some of the graphite sketches that have been drawn into the books.


booksketch3 film161

* Shipping and handling fees are included in these prices for U.S. addresses only. There may be an extra shipping fee for orders outside the U.S. Please inquire before placing your order. Thank you.

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