"The Divine Nature Oracle is like phoenix-fire, melting away all that does not belong to your divine nature. You don’t need to rise from the fire, you ARE the fire, both divine and natural, a treasure beyond your wildest imaginings."

The Divine Nature Oracle Deck will be released in March.

When I was asked by the wonderful wordsmith, Angie Sullins to collaborate on an oracle deck in conjunction with Duirwaigh and US Games I was honored. I had worked with Angie and her partner Silas Toball on other book and calendar projects and the quality of what they produced was always very sophisticated. 

I felt the concept for this oracle deck could fall in line with calendar projects that were also called Divine Nature. The idea being that we are all divine spiritual beings clothed in the nature of this reality. It took a solid year preparing the art and for Angie to write the eloquent prose that accompanied each card.

Here is a hint at the introduction to the deck by Angie-

"Every human life faces a daily challenge: to embody our mammalian humanity, with all its needs, wants, power and vulnerabilities OR to inhabit our divinity, accessing the radiance of the I AM as it lives in us, through us, as us.

There is a bridge between those two conditions constructed of compassionate awareness. For our purposes here, we will call it Presence, and acknowledge it as the passageway between your humanity and your divinity.

As humans on planet Earth, nature is our home. But your own nature, as nurtured through your golden spirit and your evergreen human heart, is the primary eco-system home you reside in daily. At any given moment, whether you’re in curiosity or crisis or even celebration mode, you are either experiencing your human longing, your spiritual belonging, or walking across the bridge between the two.

The moments we find ourselves on the bridge, in Presence, are the ones that help us see clearly the never-ending gifts of spirit, while also helping us stay grounded in our human experience. The images contained in this deck and the words in this booklet are here to take your hand as you explore the bridge and all that you are."

US Games has produced some beautiful Tarot and Oracle decks with some very fine artists. The decks are printed in China. I would have preferred they used US printers, however when it comes to quality, the Chinese can elevate the craft to a fine art. My Art of Greg Spalenka retrospective book published by Titan Books in London, was printed in China and it was glorious. I have seen a glimpse of the cards and the box and it looks stellar. 

The goal with the Divine Nature Oracle Deck is to create a sacred space for personal divination and inspiration. The ritual of pulling a card and asking spirit to impart a moment of encouragement with art and uplifting words– I feel is a simple affirmation of doing something good and fun for ourselves. After living with the cards for a while I am certain you will feel the wisdom inside them. Meditate with them... and may you feel love within.

I have created two limited edition sets to compliment your experience of the deck. These are now sold out.

January 22, 2023 by Greg Spalenka



Sophia said:

Beautiful presentation Greg and Roxana! Congratulations on your labor of love. I found inspiration in this deck worthy of the look inward for any person seeking spiritual growth and upliftment. Thank you!

Sophia Murphy

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