Crescoptiscope image.

Imagine placing the needle from a record player onto an object (without it moving on the turntable) and then listen to it play a tune or communicate it’s story. That is a simple way to describe how a Crescoptiscope works. But instead of playing audio it shows visuals by translating the vibration from an object into pictures.

The vibrations become images through the sensitive mechanisms of the instrument. The memories are then projected through a lens which can be viewed and copied through photographic processes. Some of the images that are defined from the pages from the Spiritus Quarere: De Profundus are fairly straight forward– a face or landscape for example.  Others are overlapping scenes that indicate many thoughts are being picked in quick succession. The Crescoptiscope can be adjusted to fine tune the focus of a thought and clarify the image. The picture above is attributed to the astral dimension.

The color is limited in the pictures at the present time, however as the devise is upgraded via computer technology we hope to reveal more color. You can see more of the Crescoptiscope in the upcoming Kickstarter trailer coming in October. More here.

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