$ 75.00

Three hour class

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All great art has the three aspects of mind, body, and spirit
working together at a very high level of sophistication. I call
this a Synergy of Transcendence; mind being the concept or idea;
body being the technique and materials; spirit being the passion,
love or soul of the creator. The unique idea is the hardest to
manifest. Conceptual thinking is very important in that it imbues
your art with the foundation of visual intelligence. Learn to
create images that get viewers thinking about your message.

Through lectures, books, sketching, demonstrations, brainstorming,
and collaboration, the student will acquire techniques to find new
ways of making unique statements within their personal vision.

A. Learn the benefits of conceptual thinking and why it is the
foundation of all great art. See how this facet is used in fine art,
illustration, graphic design, advertising and popular art culture.

B. Practice techniques to make unique images that have intellectual,
symbolic power.

C. Use these techniques to help tell stories and communicate
ideas differently.

D. Create sketches in class combining disparate imagery to
make new statements. Find your own voice in these techniques
to make more powerful art. 

PART ONE- Lecture on what makes great art and the principles behind
conceptual image making. We will review how this skill is used in
all facets of art from graphic design to film but is especially useful
in the illustration world. We will work on a few examples then take an
assignment home.

PART TWO- We will review all solutions and dive into more alternatives.
If there is time we will bring images into the computer to refine them.

*These classes are not about creating finished pieces of art. A pencil and a notepad/sketchbook will suffice unless the student wants to work on their computer or tablet.