$ 95.00

Three hour class

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Explore art techniques utilizing graphite, charcoal, pastels. Demonstrations, with emphasis on student experimentation.


A. Using charcoal, graphite, pencils, dry pastels we will use different techniques and processes to push the potential of these materials to create new, fascinating textures and effects that you probably have not seen before.

B. Focusing on experimentation adds a sense of adventure and freedom.

C. Students will learn that deconstructing, dismantling, almost destroying a piece of art can be as important as building one. Removing the concept of longevity or archival quality in the creation of art, can inspire more risk taking allowing for more revelations to present themselves.


You will need a thick robust paper like Strathmore Bristol paper or hot press illustration board 15"x20," charcoal sticks (pencils if you prefer or both), charcoal powder, graphite sticks (pencils if you prefer or both), graphite powder, dry color pastels (soft or hard or both) kneaded eraser, barrel/stick eraser, pearl eraser, various size brushes from small to 3" flat brushes, piece of cloth or soft paper towels, latex gloves, container of water.