Maya’s Passage

View this post on Instagram Maya's Passage. 14.5"x11" ink, conte, transparencies, print, tape, on paper. This is a time lapse video of a Progression, showing some the processes I use in making my art. Here I am utilizing drawing and … Continue reading

Love Child

“Love Child,”  transparencies, xerox, Letraset, collage, print, tape, paper. 6.5”x10.5”   Many times I create collages around and under my drawings, that then get covered over by paint. Sometimes I create these collages and simply like them as they are. This is … Continue reading

Divine Alchemy

“Divine Alchemy,” will be available as an archival, 18”x24” print. Taking pre-orders for the release at the National Association Of Holistic Aromatherapy conference in Salt Lake City, Oct. 20-23. For delivery at the conference. Go here to order. If you are … Continue reading

Comic Con Special

New 18″x24″ Chakra Goddess Archival Print July 21-24th This will be my 26th year at the San Diego Comic Convention. I will be in Artist Alley at EE-24, with a small, elite selection of archival prints, originals and books this year. … Continue reading

Tree of Life

Tree of Life, for the Arboreal Dreams: The Forest show at Krab Jab Studio, opens this weekend. 8″x10″ Mixed media,inks, graphite, acrylic, oil paint, transparencies, tape, on board. “The human body is the tree of life. The spinal cord is like … Continue reading

Rise to the Top

Rise to the Top, 1985, 17.5×14″ Graphite, Acrylic, Oil paint on illustration board. An illustration on being aware of opportunities that may present themselves to you as you in business and life. Stay awake to the possibilities. 4 SALE Last two … Continue reading
December 18, 2015 by Spalenka

The Art of Perception

The Art of Perception, 1985, 11″x11″ Graphite, Acrylic, Oil paint on illustration board. An illustration on the art of judgement and motherhood. 4 SALE
December 16, 2015 by Spalenka