12 Days of Christmas

When Roxana suggested we create a gift guide based on the 12 Days of Christmas I thought it was a great idea. We conceptualized our artistry to fit with the spirit and rhythm of the song and created designs for … Continue reading

New Fine Art Lockets and More

Bee Quan Yin Fine Art Locket New Spalenka Fine Art Jewelry is rolling out! Lockets are the showcase of this collection. They are real beauties and raising Spalenka Fine Art Jewelry to another level of sophistication. I am still collaborating with … Continue reading

Chiaroscuro Contest

Help decide the art direction for a promotional image that will represent the new Roxana Illuminated Perfume called Chiaroscuro and be entered in a drawing to win a solid and liquid sampler of the perfume, or a 13″ x 19″ print of the art. Above … Continue reading


Sketch #1 I have been working on a piece for Roxana’s new perfume called Chiaroscuro. This is a fragrance for those who love oriental amber perfumes, jasmine and patchouli. The term Chiaroscuro comes from Italy, referring to the tonal contrasts suggesting volume and … Continue reading


“Impromptu” was created for Roxana Illuminated Perfume. The image reflects the essence of her “Impromptu” botanical perfume which is a finely woven fragrance of sweet, spice, floral, smoke and leather notes. My visual interpretation evokes the creative, sensual, free spirited … Continue reading

Spectrum Banner

This is the banner that hung in my booth at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. I felt it represented a nice fusion of the alchemical botanical qualities inherent in Roxana’s perfumes and the mystical feminine I endeavor to bring to my … Continue reading

Perfume, Art, Love, More

Even though my wife Roxana Villa and I work out of our home sometimes we are not privy to what each other is doing because our studios are in different locations. I get lost in my projects and sometimes do … Continue reading