Book Reviews

“Greg is one of the most important, innovative and influential illustrators of the last 30 years and this gorgeously designed and printed retrospective more than proves that opinion. It is a collection that both entertains and inspires. Which, of course, … Continue reading

They’re Here!

The Art of Greg Spalenka has arrived and the printing is stunning. You can order special standard and limited editions here with drawings.          Will be a wonderful addition to any art library. “Greg Spalenka’s distinctive, dreamlike images haunt the mind, invoking … Continue reading

Giclee Giveaway

I am hosting a giveaway for three beautiful archival giclees from The Art of Greg Spalenka.  The winners of this giveaway can choose any image that they desire from the book. Entering is easy! 1. Create a selfie with The Art of Greg Spalenka book or photograph your favorite spread/page … Continue reading

The Deluxe Limited Edition

The Deluxe Limited Edition (only 500 copies) is absolutely gorgeous. It really is a piece of art and feels amazing in your hands. This edition includes a different cover, one signed print (Impromptu), a signed and numbered signature plate on parchment paper … Continue reading

A Sketch in Your Book

I am drawing feminine or masculine themed sketches into some of my, The Art of Greg Spalenka books. Here are a few feminine themed examples. I love drawing the figure so this is a real treat. All in graphite. They … Continue reading

Comic Con 2014 Recap

I was in Artist Alley with a table this year at the San Diego Comic Con. The Con showcased beautiful white violinists (dirt faerie), elegant victorian modernists (dirt faerie again), sexy anime vixens (Irma from Queens Blade- stellachuuuuu), sophisticated diamond faced … Continue reading

Comic Con 2014

Slip cover for the limited edition version of The Art of Greg Spalenka The San Diego Comic Con has arrived again! Titan Books shipped in a very limited supply of my The Art of Greg Spalenka books (standard edition and limited edition) … Continue reading

Narnia Storyboards

In The Art of Greg Spalenka I will be showcasing a few select storyboards I created for the The Voyage of the Dawn Treader film. If you are familiar with the movie you will recall the dragon eye opening with … Continue reading

Sneak Peek

Stella Luna The Art of Greg Spalenka: Visions From The Mind’s Eye will showcase 32 years of my professional art career but also unknown pieces some recently created. This is one of them. “Stella Luna” was inspired by one of … Continue reading

Order Your Art Of Greg Spalenka Book

The Art of Greg Spalenka is printed and it is stunning. You can order two versions of the book here with graphite drawings and extras.   This book highlights 32 years of my art career. In it I will be sharing my history as a … Continue reading